Web Design & Development

Having a great website is one of the most important and effective business tools to build and grow your business. Building a strong and dynamic web presence is key for survival in today's marketplace.

Pacifica Internet Technologies is one of Portland's premier Web Site Design Companies. We deliver premium quality web designs that are always mobile compatible and fully responsive for all types of devices including Smart Phones, Tablets, & Personal Computers. We also make sure that every website we build works with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, & (our personal favorite) Google Chrome. Don’t trust your company's digital public image to those who make claims they can't back up. We build websites using the highest web standards and best software. Every Web Design we deliver comes with our personal guarantee of outstanding quality and your satisfaction.

Steps To A Successful Website Project

Listen & Learn

We sit down with you and discuss the goals for your website. We define the message you want to convey and identify the audience and target market you are trying to reach. We learn about how you want to be perceived by your audience, and what action(s) you want them to ultimately take. Based on this information we create a content strategy that will address your goals.

Confirm & Document

We document everything from our discovery phase, and we present our understanding of your situation, along with a clear set of goals that define what success looks like. We all agree on a strategic direction, and we proceed to plan and build the website.

Plan Website Architecture

We take the time to outline every single page and section of your website. We ensure that all the key information is organized in such a way that it supports your goals and objectives, and that it clearly leads your users to take action.

Show You Our Designs & Ideas

Our design team takes all the feedback and insights from our initial "Listen & Learn" session, and proceeds to create some "mood boards" to narrow in on the desired look, and then proceed to finalize the overall look and feel for the website.

Approval & Programming

After the renderings have been approved, our developers spring into action and begin to build the website and code in all the necessary components in order to achieve all the desired functionality.

QA Testing, & Launch

Once the site is completed, we do a thorough round of QA and Testing to ensure the website is ready for launch. This can include comprehensive SEO work. Once everything is ready, we schedule a launch date, and go LIVE. We continue to monitor the website to ensure optimum performance.

Let's discuss your project. Give us a call:   1 866-681-0777