About Us

A passionate team of web professionals, eager to help you succeed.

Pacifica Internet Technologies is a privately held company established in 2001. The company was founded by two individuals with a passion for helping clients create elegant and effective websites.

The Pacifica Team has been involved in website development and web application development for over 14 years. We have worked on everything from small business websites, to large enterprise web portals that service millions of visitors each month.

We are passionate about small business and entrepreneurship. We know first hand what it takes to build a company from the ground up and how to market it successfully online. In 2003 Pacifica founded mywedding.com, and over the next six years built it into a premiere online wedding resource with over two million visistor per month. We ultimately sold imywedding.com to a private equity group in 2009. This was an incredible experience, and we learned a great deal along the way. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and we love to see a business succeed and thrive.

Today Pacifica Internet Technologies represents the synthesis of our combined experience and talents. We specialize in using proven, cutting edge technology to provide Internet solutions for the small to medium sized enterprise market.


Our Process

Start with the goal in mind

We ensure that your brand is strong, we help you identify who your target audience is, and then develop a plan to effectively target and market to them online. We implement Key Performance Indicators in order to measure progress, and we continue refining the process for continued success.

Design a stunning and functional website

We work with you to design a website that reflects your brand and brand message, and that appeals to your target audience. We ensure that the design supports your online marketing goals.

Develop a powerful website

We build your website using the best web standards, ensuring that your website loads fast, is compatible on all major browsers, and that it's easy to maitain and expand over time.


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